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Why Exhibit


  • Providing a platform for all the stakeholders related to Power industry so as to showcase their smart products
  • Promoting safe & smart power solutions
  • Engaging industry experts and clients to discuss the next generation solutions
  • Raising awareness among engineers, policy makers and clients about technological advancement in power industry
  • Engaging roll out innovations and new technologies for domestic market
  • Initiating a strategic relationship and partnership with key industry players, foreign buyer and solution providers and policy makers


The 10th edition of BPLX 2025 aims to extend a Platform for your organization to come in front of the decision makers that spec and source billions of dollars in Power Generation sectors for their plans and multiple projects. Exhibiting at the 10th BPLX 2025 will generate an opportunity for the exhibitors to engage in discussions one-on-one, demonstrate and introduce their products & solutions in an interactive manner. Engagement of international exhibitors from potential Export Zones of Bangladesh may lead good opportunity for our power industry players to reach beyond domestic peripheral. Moreover, this Exhibition will build attendance through 360° marketing campaigns that creates millions of advertising impressions in print, direct mail, email, electronic media and so on.


  • A specialized exhibition targeting Power Generation and transmission, Energy and Lighting for future urban and rural development of our country.
  • Participation of international power and lighting industry and consultancy in the exhibition that may help our local companies to explore with export opportunities. E.g. Power industry players and importers from Southeast Asia and other highly prospective countries.
  • A Distinctive Platform for international Organizations to exhibit their SMART Power and Lighting products and solutions in the Bangladesh market.
  • Extensive integrated brand communication for BPLX to the market.
  • Opportunity to gather knowledge about new technology and innovation in the power industry that may help exhibitors stand for tomorrow.
  • • Innovative installations in the venue. e.g. Giant LED Display to play Television, Commercials, and informative Audio Visulas of the Sponsors and Participants.

Exhibitor Profile OF BPLX 2025:

  • Manufacturer of transformers and components
  • Fuel Cell
  • Diesel Generator
  • Gas & Steam Power Generator
  • Solar Power Generator
  • Government, Public and private power utilities
  • Electric utility or power generation companies
  • Independent power projects
  • PPP Agencies
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Industrial, Co-generation and self-generators
  • Consulting engineers, Project Developers
  • Technologies of Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving
  • Batteries, UPS/Inverters and Generators
  • Academic Engineers and Professors
  • Maintenance Companies
  • Transmission and Distribution Turnkey Suppliers
  • Cables, Cable Trays and Circuit Breakers
  • Construction Tools (Air, Hand and Power)
  • Capacitors and Calibration
  • Transmission Technology 
  • Automation and Control Equipment
  • Load Management
  • Transformer Manufacturers
  • Electrical Distribution and Transmission Equipment
  • Electrical Installation and Electronic Equipment
  • Oil and Gas Operating Companies
  • Environment Agencies
  • Maintenance Equipment Systems
  • LED lighting producers
  • Halogen and fluorescent light
  • manufacturers
  • Specialty lighting (medical, industrial, automotive)
  • IoT and smart lighting control systems
  • Automated lighting solutions
  • Energy-efficient lighting systems
  • Architectural lighting designers
  • Landscape lighting specialists
  • Interior lighting design firms
  • Light fixtures and fittings manufacturers
  • Lighting control and automation devices
  • Solar-powered lighting
  • Energy-saving bulbs and fixtures
  • And many more….